SuperGenie Hospital Grade Breast Pump is launching soon

So we’re in the final weeks counting down to SuperGenie launch.

We’re proofreading the manual, we’re getting photo shoots done, and we’re busy busy busy answering your ‘When will the SuperGenie be available’ questions :))

SuperGenie Hospital Grade Breast Pump

The manual will be available both in the box and online. Let us know if you find anything confusing - we’ll make changes.

We’ve also had a huge amount of interest in the new Liquid flanges that come with the SuperGenie. These are in the box with the SuperGenie, but will also be available for sale.

Right now these are only available in sizes 21mm, 24mm and 27mm. Shield fit will work differently with the Liquid flanges, so we’re waiting to get feedback from mamas before we roll out more sizes.

If you’re usually a size 17mm and you end up trying the Liquid shield, make sure you let us know how you go. 

You will be able to use the Liquid shield set with lots of other breast pumps, so if you are using another brand of pump as well, it could be something you can try too. We’ve had lots of enquiries about using Liquid shields with Spectra for example, and that will work fine. 

If you weren’t sure, the price on the SuperGenie has been finalised at USD $250. We are offering a 40% discount at launch. This is pretty incredible and will NOT be repeated (lol) so the launch price for those on the waitlist is just about USD $150 (which is about SGD $220 / AUD $220 though currency conversions do vary!). 

Here’s some things about the SuperGenie you should know:

Expect the app to keep improving

We’re putting a lot of energy into the app. We know you guys don’t necessarily think a bluetooth app is necessary to use a breast pump, but we aren’t stopping at just using the app to control the pump. We want the app to be a tool to help you optimise milk output, track how water / sleep / pump times etc affect your milk output and help you make smart decisions about pumping. Breastmilk is important stuff and if you’re a mama who is relying on a breast pump then having this kind of information can help you be on top of things.

The app when released will have basic functionality, but expect continuous change.(Btw - don’t worry - you can use the SuperGenie without the app if you wish to).

Make sure you REALLY play with those program options

The SuperGenie has cycle speeds up to 104cpm and it has a higher vacuum capability at high speed than other pumps. Now, if you haven’t used a breast pump before we know this means nothing to you. But this stuff is important. Every woman is different. I have personally seen a mama go from getting nothing from her breast pump to having milk gush out when she changes the *speed* to something that suits her body better. It’s not all about suction strength - the speed and variability are also important. We’re releasing some suggested programs in the app so you don’t need to be intimidated about settings, but go ahead and experiment to see what works for you.


We think it’s pretty dang compact for a hospital grade

So we got the weight down to just under 1.2 kg and with a foldable handle and compact body, we think this is a pretty amazing size for a hospital grade breast pump.

When we built the SuperGenie, we prioritised performance. We just wanted the best peforming pump we could build. Keeping the noise level down was important. Keeping the size down was next. So given that, we’re really happy with how we’ve managed to keep the SuperGenie at such a manageable size.

We added in some other stuff we think is helpful :D

Okay so just to show off, here are some more specs on the SuperGenie we think are cool:

Splashproof - the casing is splashproof. Don’t drop it in water (plz, no). But if you get a splash of water from the sink, it’s okay.

Eternal’ material - so when we had to choose the material for the casing, we had to choose between ‘feels gorgeous’ through to ‘lasts forever’. This was kind of agonising, but we chose ‘lasts forever’. The SuperGenie casing is rated as ‘eternal’ (lol, yes that is really how they categorise it) and it will resist discolouring and grime better than other surfaces.


Just don’t let a kid near it with nail polish or a black marker - those situations are not fixable.

USB-C charging - as mamas ourselves and people who travel we know that struggling with adaptors is an ongoing nightmare. The SuperGenie can be charged via USB-C charger and we hope this makes life a little easier for those mamas packing their laptop + breast pump on a long flight.

Default programs - we will ship the SuperGenie with some suggested ‘starter’ programs, but you can override these if you wish and store whatever programs you like in the SuperGenie.

Nightlight - the SuperGenie has a nightlight in the handle. Call me a breast pump nerd but I’ve made my SuperGenie a permanent piece of my bedroom decor and using it as a bedside lamp.

We love the SuperGenie. It is intended to be helpful for mamas who find pumping hard or are relying on a pump for their precious milk supply. We built this to bring pumping another step further. We know there are smaller pumps available, but those are no use at all if you can’t get good milk output with them.

We’re here to improve and keep developing, and a big part of that is getting your feedback. So if you’re confused about something, let us know. We appreciate it.

Stay tuned for the next update!