Hospital Grade Breast Pump

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Meet the SuperGenie

The SuperGenie has a powerful motor, so it can deliver strong suction and highly flexible settings so you can find what works best for your body. Not only that, the SuperGenie has USB-C charging, bluetooth app control, a nightlight and a host of other features to bring the hospital grade pump into 2020. We designed the SuperGenie to be the most effective pumping experience possible, even for mamas who find pumping hard.

The smartest breast pump you'll meet

With bluetooth app control, you can control your SuperGenie from your phone. Track sessions, save settings that work best for you. It even comes with recommended programs to take all the confusion out of figuring out settings when you get started.

With new 'Liquid' flexible shield insert

When your baby breastfeeds, she compresses your nipple in her palate as she suckles. Our new shield system made out of liquid silicone is designed to mimic this. With every pump cycle, the liquid shield will massage through your nipple, making pumping feel gentler and improving milk output.

We're doing things differently

At Pumpables, we're setting out to do things a different way. We focus on selling directly to you, instead of through stores. By doing this we can reduce prices, and we get to connect with the mamas using our pumps. By choosing a Pumpables pump you choose a breast pump designed with care, for mamas, by mamas.

Practical features to make life easier

The SuperGenie has splash-proof casing, so you don't have to worry about any little spills, plus lots of other feature like a nightlight. If you have another brand of accessories that you'd prefer to use, go ahead - the SuperGenie is compatible with most closed shield systems.

A hospital grade pump that'll fit into your life

Despite its powerful motor, we've worked hard to make the SuperGenie the most compact hospital grade pump possible. Weighing in at just 1.2 kg, and with a fully foldable handle, the SuperGenie is a perfect blend of performance and portability.

What's in the box

1    SuperGenie motor

2    Liquid shield kits

2    Bottles

1     USB-C Charger

2     Bottle neck adaptor

2     Bottle stands


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  • Features
    • Larger motor with suction up to 330 mmHg for supercharged performance
    • More flexible settings than any other pump because every woman is different.
    • Find what works best for you and save it to the SuperGenie’s inbuilt memory
    • Switch between letdown mode to rapidly start milk flow and expression mode to effectively draw out milk
    • Superfast cycle speeds up to 104 cpm in letdown mode and 70 in expression mode
    • Save your favourite programs to the pump
    • Operate the pump from your phone
    • Closed system prevents milk backflow
    • Liquid kit made out of liquid silicone for gentle, lifelike pumping
  • Technical Specifications
    • Battery

      2.8 hours pumping time from each charge
      Charging time is 4 hours
      You may use the pump while charging
      11.1V Li-ion Battery Power 2000mA

    • Power

      Input : AC 100 ~ 240V (50/60Hz)
      Output : DC 15V/1.6A

    • Certification

      CE, FDA (pending)

    • Care instruction

      Sterilise accessories (excluding tubing) before first use
      Part may be sterilised using any preferred method, including boiling, UV steriliser
      Dishwasher safe (excluding valves)
      Replace Liquid insert every 2 months of use, more if using daily
      Replace diaphragms every 6 months of use, more if using daily

    • Measurements & Dimensions
      Pump Motor

      196.9(W)mm x 71(D)mm x 162(H)mm

    • Breastshield

      21mm, 24mm and 27mm available
      Additional shield size from 15mm to 30mm available for purchase separately in our universal range

  • Compatibility
    • Bottles

      Compatible with Spectra and any other bottles using a standard wide neck thread.
      Compatible with Medela and other bottles using a narrow neck thread using adaptor (sold separately)
      Avent is compatible for Avent products using standard wide neck thread.

    • Breastshields

      Compatible with Spectra breastshield
      Compatible with handsfree shield systems such as Freemie, Youha so long as the closed system option is used
      Compatible with Genie breastshield
      Compatible with Pumpables universal breastshield but you must use a backflow protector (sold separately)

    • Not compatible

      Medela open breastshield system

      Please contact us if your brand is not mentioned.

  • Shipping, Warranty & Returns
    • Shipping Information
    • Warranty
      • Two year warranty on the pump motor.
      • Six month limited warranty on the accessories.
    • Warranty process
      • Online claim form.
      • Replacement or repair on validated claims is actioned within 1 business day.
    • Returns
      • The SuperGenie is a medical device, so we can’t accept returns on your pump once used.
      • Returns can be accepted if your pump is unused and unopened in the box.
      • If you’re not sure if the SuperGenie is right for you, get in touch before buying - we’re happy to help.
  • About Pumpables
    • We’re the tiny breast pump company with big ambitions to change how mamas experience buying and using a breast pump. We’re founded in Singapore, and with team members from all over including Korea, China, UK, Australia, India & more, we’re a diverse team of mostly women who believe in making it easier for mamas to give their babies breastmilk. We use a distributed network of warehouses globally to ship our products as fast as we can.

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